What is The Munich Times?

This newsletter is at times a circus of my ideas on society and and hopes for the future. I took this picture at Oktoberfest, just days after moving to Munich in 2019, and I love how it reflects the spirit of humanity. Life is full or people and it is a wild ride where we go up and down and around in circles to hopefully land safely with a blue sky and sun shining down upon us.

The earlier postings here, which have been labeled as VOL I. No. 1 - 13, were all sent to a small group of family and friends as a way to stay connected during my first year in Germany. It began as a brief chronicling of my new life but soon became anthems on my feelings, travels, silly German observations, and thoughts on society. As a passionate reader, I also included a monthly book review where some of my strongest opinions were extolled.

When I dreamt up The Munich Times, I hoped that people would print it out and enjoy it at a family’s breakfast table with a cup of coffee. There it would remain for a couple more days so someone else could read my little musings. After it had some coffee marks and maybe a little stain of butter, it would be tossed away leaving only images and memories in their mind.

During my first year in Germany, I rarely found myself feeling lonely because of the bond I created with those that received The Munich Times. Piecing it together each month and trying to coherently tell stories, profess ideas or give a little inspiration was a new and rewarding challenge. With the desire to keep each edition interesting, it was my motivating factor to live life to its fullest. And when I sent out the final edition of VOL I, it was one of my most satisfying experiences.

Many of those experiences and thoughts then became the launching pad for my book, Perfect Village. After a brief pause to evaluating what I wanted to do with this publication, I fired it up again in early 2021. It might not a play-by-play of my life anymore, but it shouldn’t be any less entertaining.

I hope you will freely reply back to my emails, or make comments below. I would love to hear if you agree/disagree, feel inspired, or if my stories reminds you of something in your past.

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A Kansas City native living in Munich, commenting on life, culture, and architecture.


A reader, writer, explorer from Kansas City, now living in Germany.