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Your uncle Paul is a wise man. Not too long ago, I've decided to just stop trying to convince skeptics and flat deniers of their wrong beliefs, be it global warming, the deep state, deadly vaccinations, the big Jewish world conspiracy, etc., etc. It is too exhausting, no matter how obviously right you are. They just won't listen.

Not that I ever believed in any of those conspiracy theories, but I used to be rather careless about global warming and, though I never littered the streets, I was annoyed by the concept of waste seperation and refused to fall in line for a long time. Why? For one, out of sheer laziness and, I have to admit, because I didn't want any state authorities to tell me how to live and act. How foolish I was. That was around twenty years ago but I have changed significantly ever since. I realized that saving the environment has got nothing to do with politics but with, well, saving the environment.

Just last night I was talking with my girlfriend about how most people become ever more stubborn and rigid when it comes to most or many of their long time beliefs, one of them being that everything is just fine the way it is when it is clearly not. I, on the other hand, have realized some years ago that I am becoming more and more liberal the older I get. That's why I am fiercely defending the youngsters enagged in Fridays for Future, for example, against all the scorn and malice being poured over them by all those middle aged and old reactionists. If you want to change thoings, you sometimes need to be loud and become a nuisance to the older generation.

And that's why I am totally with you, I guess we're on the same page here.

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That we are! It seems like we are both ok with change in our lives, which I think is fundamental to making the world a better place.

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